Ready for winter

Feeling the chill in the air? Putting away the lawn furniture? Is your home ready for winter?

As the days get shorter, we might find ourselves thinking about the coming cold months, dreading that drafty bathroom, worrying about high energy bills, and wondering what all that energy usage is doing to the planet. We know we should do something like get an energy audit, but we also have to get the kids new school shoes, put the kiddie pool away, and get the snow blower into the repair shop. Before we know it, autumn leaves will have turned into winter snow. Yikes.

You may soon receive an envelope in the mail from ener-G-save, a philanthropic project of the Harold Grinspoon Charitable Foundation. It includes a thermal photo of your home and shows how much energy and money you’re wasting through roof, walls, or other spots. Too busy to do anything about this? Think you don’t have money to spend on this? Read on.

ener-G-save was created to inspire and assist homeowners, no matter what your financial situation is, no matter if you’re young or old, and whether or not you receive one of these thermal images of your home. Their team of experienced and concerned specialists helps you take steps towards tightening up your house. You may not realize that every time you’ve paid your utility bill over the years, you’ve been contributing to a fund for energy efficiency that is waiting for you to utilize that money to tighten up your home. When you contact ener-G-save for a free in-home energy assessment, you’ll also receive LED light bulbs, a programmable thermostat and energy-saving power strip. Leaks will be sealed too – and all these things are free. And if your family qualifies for fuel assistance, you will get help too.

Here’s what to do. Call the ener-G-save hotline at (413)279-9141 or sign up at This one step will connect you to someone from Co-op Power (who is handling ener-G-save’s calls) who will set up a free energy assessment of your home. This person will make sure you can learn about all the financial benefits available to you (up to $2000 is available for many people towards insulation, free). And they’ll make sure you find a licensed contractor to do the work. That one call will get the ball rolling.

Don’t wait. Be a leader in your community and get ready for winter. Tell your neighbors too! This could end up being a great winter!