Homeowners, Renters, and Landlords

Homeowners, Renters, and Landlords

Renters, owners and landlords of single-family homes, apartments or condos in buildings with 1-4 units can save energy and money, starting with a no-cost Home Energy Assessment.

There are benefits available for residents of all income levels. While renters can initiate this process of receiving an energy assessment, the benefits are far more extensive when the landlord works with the tenants.

Following describes what you might be eligible to receive:

  • Energy and water saving devices including:
      • Programmable thermostats
      • High-efficiency shower heads and faucet aerators
      • LED light bulbs
      • Advanced power strips
  • No-cost air sealing
  • 75-100% off approved insulation. Recently updated to include 100% off the cost for:
      • Rental units
      • 2-4 unit buildings when all units are insulated at same time
      • Moderate income households*
      • Low income households (To see if you might qualify as low moderate income, click here.)
  • Rebates on high-efficiency appliances and heating and cooling equipment, including NEW increased incentives for heat pumps
  • 0% financing opportunity through the Mass Save HEAT Loan Program
  • Additional financial support to help moderate income households make repairs necessary in order to install recommended upgrades through the MA Department of Energy Resources
  • Based on your income, on your tenants’ income if you own a multi-unit building, you may qualify for even greater energy – and cost-saving benefits through the Income Eligible Program.

If you live in one of the Community First Partnership cities, Springfield, West Springfield, or Pittsfield, you can sign up directly at www.masssave.com/egs.

For other cities and towns, reach out to HomeWorks Energy. They are a partner of ener-G-save’s, and a certified Mass Save contractor who will make this process easy for you. You can schedule a no-cost home energy assessment with HomeWorks Energy and they will guide you through the process. Call NOW: (781) 305-3319 or sign up HERE Use our code: Cooler

Landlords: Take a look at this video of ener-G-save’s Founder, Harold Grinspoon, a property owner and real estate investor for over 50 years! Click here. (Harold Grinspoon on Energy Efficiency for Landlords – YouTube)

Note to landlords of buildings with 5+ units:
If 50% or more of your tenants within a building are currently on fuel assistance, call your County’s Community Action Program.  (See Low-Income Opportunities below for links.)