Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still helping people get audits?

YES! That said, we are focusing mostly on the Cities of Springfield, West Springfield, and Pittsfield. Still, if you live elsewhere in Massachusetts, we are still happy to help if we can. Feel free to contact us at contact@ener-g-save.com.

How can I get a free energy assessment for my home?

Anyone who owns a home in Massachusetts and has an account with the public utilities is eligible. See the links under Homeowner above. If your town has a municipal utility, the situation is handled locally, so call your municipal utility.

If you are currently receiving fuel assistance/ reduced rate electricity, here are links to the relevant agencies that can help with many free offers in Berkshire County, Franklin County, Hampshire County and Hampden County. See the links above listed as Income Eligible Programs.

What is the relationship between ener-G-save and state-wide utility programs?

Ener-G-save is a non-profit that helps you navigate the process of accessing the state’s and utility companies’ energy efficiency programs. Ener-G-save is not a service provider. Any contractors whom ener-G-save might suggest are certified and trained by Mass Save, and all benefits offered are Mass Save incentives. Ener-G-save has been chosen to participate in the Mass Save Community First Partnership program for 2022-2024, serving Springfield, West Springfield, and Pittsfield.

Is taxpayer money being spent on the ener-G-save project?

Ener-G-save is financed by the Harold Grinspoon Charitable Foundation, several foundations, and State and utility grants. Ener-G-save is not selling you anything or promoting any products. Ener-G-save does all we can to help you with the process of obtaining your no-cost energy assessment, incentives, and insulation as simply and quickly as possible. We are committed to reaching ALL communities, especially those who traditionally have been underserved.

My budget is tight. I’m afraid I can’t afford to make improvements on my home. Can you help?

Yes, depending on where you live, we can point you toward free services, incentives, rebates, and interest-free loans that are available from town or state programs and/or your local utility to help finance energy efficiency measures in your home.

I live in a multi-family apartment. Can I participate in the program?

As a renter, you can receive some energy saving devices, but you will be served far better and further if you work together with your landlord. Please click here to learn more.

I’m a commercial building owner in Pioneer Valley. Is my building eligible for the program?

For information on making your commercial property more energy efficient, contact Save Energy at Work – Center for EcoTechnology – Tell them “Cooler” sent you! Small businesses, nonprofits, and houses of worship are all eligible.

How do I know this isn’t just a big marketing gimmick for contractors that do energy audits and retrofitting?

Real Estate investor and philanthropist Harold Grinspoon launched this pilot project because he was inspired to inform and educate homeowners to make changes that benefit them. Our goal is to help you save energy and money on your utility bills—and to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions. Home energy use is responsible for 17% of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, so reducing residential energy use will not only benefit your wallet and your local contractor doing the work — but the planet. It is truly a win-win-win, for homeowners, job creation, cities and towns, and the earth. The State of Massachusetts has recently enacted a new bill, An Act Creating a Next Generation Roadmap for Massachusetts Climate Policy, and the Mass Save program, with your participation, is committed to fulfilling the State’s legal mandate to be a leader in this effort to accomplish carbon reductions while paying attention to issues of equity.

I just learned about the Cooler Communities project. How can I get my town to participate?

Please contact us at education@ener-G-save.com.
More information is also here.

I’d like to be in touch with you. How can I best reach you?

Send us an email to contact@ener-g-save.org. We are looking forward to speaking with you!