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Get an energy assessment!

Get an energy assessment!

October Energy Efficiency Month

Surely these are tremendously challenging times. With our focus understandably on health and equity issues, it’s hard to think about anything else. But alas, just look at the hurricanes raging down south and the fires out west. We have to find a way to consider what we can do to address our planet’s issues as well.

There IS something that we can do that not only will be a step in the right direction, but it will also help us during these harsh economic times to save money. We’re noticing, I’m sure, the morning chills, and we are reminded that soon we will be paying heating bills.

Massachusetts offers its Mass Save programs that provide a free energy assessment, evaluating where you live or work and making suggestions as to how you can save energy. These recommendations come with information about how these improvements can be paid for by the Mass Save program. There are opportunities available that cover up to 90% of the insulation needed.

Individuals (homeowners, renters, landlords) and small businesses (nonprofits, houses of worship, schools) are encouraged to sign up for energy audits (some are still virtual) and follow up with suggested efficiency improvements when Covid allows.

To sign up now, email with your name, address, email, phone number and best time to call. We will connect you with a contractor licensed by Mass Save who can set up your audit and tell you all you are entitled to receive. If you currently receive fuel assistance, or think you might be eligible, contact your Community Action Council to request a free energy audit at these links:

Follow ener-G-save’s facebook page, as we will be posting do-it-yourself information, including ways of receiving free materials to help you tighten up your home.