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ener-G-save’s Cooler Communities team has joined the Ecochallenge

The eco challenge shows individual and collective results of our actions every day

As you can imagine, our Cooler Communities events in 5 Western MA towns had to be postponed into the fall or next spring, due to the COVID 19 crisis. We hope that as you read this, you and yours are healthy and able to navigate these challenges with support and care around you.

In order to still offer a chance to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day this month and to collectively take action to care for the earth, we joined the Earth Day Ecochallenge. Our team is 50 people strong already, learning and pledging daily or one-time actions to honor, support and heal the earth. Can we get to 75 this week?

Come join our Cooler Communities team at the Earth Day Ecochallenge

It is fun and encouraging to see over 600 teams across the country participate and see everyone’s impact – from saving water to advocacy, from healthy gardening to learning about local climate solutions.