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Workshop for Landlords

Workshop for Landlords and Property Managers

We are offering a free workshop designed especially for landlords in the Springfield area about services from Massachusetts’ Mass Save Program. You will have the chance to learn from Tom Jordan of Clear Result about the following:

You are entitled to a free energy audit of your rented buildings

You will learn about the free services and products that are available to you and your tenants

You will be informed about 0% loans available to you so that you can do more to make your property energy efficiency.

At this time when climate change is spoken about broadly, here is your chance to do your share. How you’ll benefit:

  • Cost of utilities that you or your tenants pay will go down, resulting in more consistent occupancy rates
  • Your tenants will be happier (see our founders video about this here and below!)  and more collaborative – you helped them save on bills!
  • The value of your property will go up (every $1 of energy efficiency invested, $10 increase in value)
  • You will have the satisfaction of knowing you are doing your share to address the need to be more energy-efficient.

When:  Thursday, January 30, 2020 – 5:30 to 7pm

Where: Mason Square Library, 765 State Street Springfield MA

Instructor: Tom Jordan, Clear Result


RSVP required. Please email or call 413-279-9141.

If you cannot make this date but are interested in learning about the incentive programs available, rsvp and we will be in touch!