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This past April, Ener-G-Save and many partners came together in Pittsfield MA to host the 2019 Berkshire Earth Expo. Then, in May, the Agawam Cooler Community Challenge followed.

We are really excited to be announcing the results: Of the roughly 700 visitors who came to the events, a total of 191 filled out valid “carbon trackers” to monitor how their homes and lifestyles contributed to the towns overall carbon output and to pledge actions they would take to reduce energy waste. The options ranged from auditing and weatherizing a home to save on heating and cooling to joining a community solar farm to consolidating errands to save on gas among many more.

Visitors signing up for a no-cost energy audit

If followed through on, these actions save about 226 tons of CO2 and $25,100 energy dollars in the Berkshires: the equivalent of removing 32 cars from the road. The numbers for Agawam are even more impressive: $87,600 in energy savings and 605 tons of CO2 emission reductions per year. This equals taking 86 cars off the road every year.

This is a great result for a relatively small number of people when compared to an entire neighborhood for example. Imagine the tons of carbon – let alone dollars – we could save each year if more of us took these pledges.

So here is your opportunity:

The on-line version of the pledge sheet is always available! As more and more people use it, the combined impact will keep growing. This is a handy resource, with lots of suggestions all in one place. We would like to encourage you to become advocates for Cooler Communities.

Please share this link with lots of people!

If you have any questions about filling out the form or how to follow up on your pledges please call

ener-G-save at 413-279-9141 or email

We thank everyone involved in these events for making a  tangible – and measurable! – difference.