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Button Up Northampton 2.0

Join us in making a difference:

Following in the footsteps of the successful HEATSMART and SOLARIZE programs, volunteers of Mothers Out Front and Climate Action Now are partnering with ener-G-save throughout the spring and summer to encourage homeowners in Northampton to both save money and help their town meet its 100% renewable energy goal as soon as possible.



Volunteers have begun to go door to door to

  1. Survey residents’ interest in energy conservation and efficiency
  2. Decrease the use of fossil fuels for home heating, and thereby
  3. Reduce energy bills for Northampton families and
  4.  Cut greenhouse gas emissions and reduce air pollution.

BUN. 2.0 will focus on single family homes as well as 2-4 family occupancy buildings.

Data gathered in the surveys will allow BUN. 2.0 to help households pursue their desired energy saving goals and help Northampton fulfill its recent resolution to rely on 100% renewables for its energy needs.

“Reducing energy use remains the cheapest and most easily accessible path to fulfill this Resolution,” stated Mayor David Narkewicz who supported the Resolution passed unanimously by the City Council on February 1, 2018. “Our city is dedicated to combating climate change andreducing our residents’ heating costs and the Button Up Northampton 2.0 program provides a means to accomplish both.”

Mothers Out Front and Climate Action Now are particularly interested in the project as a means of reducing gas use to eliminate the need for additional gas pipelines in the area. “Decreasing gas demand is a much more economical and sustainable way to deal with limited gas pipeline capacity,” said Marty Nathan of Climate Action NOW. “The less gas we use in home heating, the more is available on the coldest days when demand is at its highest.”

The goal of BUN. 2.0  is to have a minimum of 100 homes complete energy assessments and/or make recommended improvements before the next winter season causes poorly insulated homes to once again shed large amounts of heat.

If you would like to be part of this project and save more energy, fill out this survey.

To volunteer and help with canvassing, contact

Thank you!