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We are committed to helping you learn how to make smart energy choices in your homes and in your lives. Here on our site, you’ll learn about financial incentives that will enable you to save money, improve your health, and respond to our planetary crisis. Ener-G-save’s partner program, Cooler Communities also has a lot to share.

More about Cooler Communities

We’re excited to announce that ener-G-save has been chosen by the Mass Save Community First Partnership program to participate in a state-wide effort to increase energy efficiency, move our state to electrification, and increase access to Mass Save benefits in an equitable way. We will be focusing our work in this program on Springfield, West Springfield, and Pittsfield,
but if you live in other cities,
you can also find useful information that will apply to you on these pages.

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What is Ener-G-Save?

Philanthropist, Harold Grinspoon
Ener-g-save is the brainchild of Harold Grinspoon, a Springfield philanthropist who for more than 2 decades has supported varied educational initiatives, young entrepreneurs, and regional farmers. More on Harold Grinspoon and his work here.
A grassroots organization
Ener-G-save works with towns, grassroots organizations, other nonprofits, and schools to lower carbon pollution and help Pioneer Valley and Berkshire residents make smart energy choices. Through our community outreach program, people are encouraged to take full advantage of existing energy efficiency incentives to live more comfortably and affordably.
School Grants
Our Cooler Communities school grants, piloted in 2019, leverage students’ curriculum work on energy and climate change to take a whole community on a path toward lower emissions and clean energy. We offer grants of up to $5000 to school districts for participating in, hosting, and attracting visitors to a community event that can lead to measurable reductions in energy use and carbon emissions. Cooler Communities projects strengthen young people’s leadership on energy and climate-related issues.